Join us


  1. Why should we join Water for Free? By letting those who BYOB to get water for free from your venue can help bring potential customers to your business, strengthen your brand’s positive image, and most important of all, SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT
  2. What are the requirement? It is a must to have a water dispenser? You don’t need to install a water dispenser to join Water for Free.  All you need to do is to offer drinking water for free to those who BYOB.  Water can be in a kettle, a jug, a jar, a pot…it doesn’t really matter.
  3. How do we join? Just email us at, we will add your location to Water for Free map asap.  You are also invited to put a Water for Free sticker on your window display so that everyone can tell you joined!
  4. Any exit option? Sure.  Just email us to notify us your decision to withdraw, we will delete your location from Water for Free map right away.