• Why do we promote drinking from water fountain
  • According to this Hong Kong Government’s website, Hong Kong enjoys one of the safest water supplies in the world.  If that is the case, why do we need to pay thousand times the price for bottled water? Since the cost of collecting, transporting and recycling the used plastic bottles is higher that what the recycled material is worth, 96% of the used plastic bottles in Hong Kong go straight to the landfill.  This amounts to two millions plastic bottles a day!  To have sufficient number of water fountains around town can greatly reduce our reliance on (or even addiction to) bottled water.  We believe that public bodies as well as sizable private corporations should bear their social responsibility and install water fountain for public use.
  • How much information have we collected so far?  What conditions does a water fountain need to fulfill before it can be listed on our website?
  • All the water fountains marked on our map are free to use.  They are located in places which are accessible to the public, whether entrance fee is required or not.  Water fountains located inside private premises are excluded.

type of facility



accessible to public with no entrance fee

beaches, stadiums, universities, hospitals etc.


accessible to public with entrance fee

public swimming pool, MTR station (in the pay area), cinema (in the pay area)

include but specify (in the pay area)

private premises

primary school, high school, private club, office building and residential building etc.


  • Although we have not included location of water fountains in private premises, we would like to see more property management of private premises installing water fountain.
  • From where do we collect our information?
  • We make enquiries to entities who are in charge of the relevant premises.  We also watch out for water fountain when we go out.  We have asked LCSD of the HKSAR government for a full list of their water fountain back in June 2013.  Regrettably, as of today, LCSD still refuses to provide us with the said information.
  • Who manages these water fountains?
  • All water fountains are managed by the property management of the premises in which  the water fountain is installed.  For example, water fountains at the beaches or in the sports stadium are managed by LCSD, whereas water fountains in university campus are managed by that particular university.
  • Is there any guarantee for the hygiene of these water fountains?
  • Generally speaking, property management in charge would replace the water filter and UV light regularly.  Take LCSD’s water fountain as an example, on each water fountain there is a piece of paper informing users of the date of the last replacement.
  • Water for Freecannot guarantee the hygiene of these water fountains.
  • Why does Water for Free include information of water dispenser sourced from big bottled water?
  • Most of the water fountains we list are connected to filter.  A small amount of water fountains we list are connected to big bottle of distilled water or mineral water.  Although the manufacturing and delivery process of the latter is the same as the small bottled water, at least the big bottles are being reused and refilled.  In this sense it can contribute to waste reduction.
  • Where else should have water fountain?
  • We believe that other government departments and big corporations which manage places where members of the public can access should bear their social responsibilities to install water dispensers e.g. government office buildings, all MTR stations, bus terminals, shopping malls etc.
  • What should we do if we noticed any mistake in Water for Free?
  • Please email us the correct information at waterforfreehk@gmail.com
  • What can we do if we want to have more water fountains in Hong Kong?
  • If you are students or employees, please request your school or employer to install water fountains connected to filter instead of connected to big bottle of distilled water or mineral water.
  • If you are in the senior management of places where members of the public frequently visit, please consider to install water fountain for public use.

Special thanks to:

  • University of Hong Kong
  • Chinese University of Hong Kong, 香港中文大學、綠色天地
  • LCSD
  • Home Affairs Department
  • Legislative Council Office of the Hon. Dennis Kwok

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